When 85% will be achieved we will prepare for a new evolution in the transport sector. We are going to launch ridesharing platform, which will be new in Armenia, but it is widely spread in many countries and become a part of their daily life. It will be a new and exciting experience for all Armenian and will definitely surprise you with its positive effects and results.

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Ridesharing is a convenient alternative to taxi and public transportation. It is the sharing of car trips so that more than one person can travel in a car. It is a good option for reducing vehicle costs, traffic congestion and automobile emissions. Ridesharing exists many years and widely spread in many countries, it has become a part of people’s daily life by helping both individuals and businesses.

Armenian Ridesharing

This will be a new secure ridesharing service which will group people travelling on the same routes for the purpose of carpooling. You can choose the route and date of the trip and Armenian Ridesharing will offer suitable options for you. With Armenian Ridesharing service you can save your time and money. Our team and Coin holders won’t get any income from this project. The main purpose of this project is bettering mass transportation and reducing air pollution in Armenia.

Our Features

Armenian Ridesharing will give you an opportunity to use an Apps as a driver as well as a passenger.

Get to the destination without a transfer and don’t worry about the hours spent waiting at the station.

Easy way to find new friends who lives close and who has the same daily route with you.

With fewer cars on the road we will reduce air pollution and improve air quality.

How It Works

For Passengers

In case you are a passenger and looking for an easy convenient way to trip you just need to sign in, select your route, date of the trip and number of persons. Our carpooling system will allow you to select with whom you want to travel and give a rating after the ride.

For Drivers

In case you are a driver and looking for fellow traveler it is the best way to save money and reduce congestion. You just need to select where you would like to pick up and drop off passenger and when. It will make your trip more fun and productive.

Why Use Ridesharing Services?

Using Armenia Ridesharing can save your money on gas, the more people you have the more you can save. With Armenia Ridesharing you can meet interesting people, make new friends and have a good time during the trip. Besides, the more people will use the service the fewer cars will be on the roads, it means there will be less gasses pollution and less traffics.

The Main Difference From Other Ridesharing Platforms

The most important thing that our platform differs from other ridesharing platforms is fees, we don’t get any income from that services. Only benefit that we and our team members get is helping our nation and country.

Another important factor is that our platform will be open blockchain-powered decentralized and autonomous ridesharing service. It will be fair and transparent blockchain platform where all the rules and regulations are coded by smart contracts and can be reviewed easily by all members of the platform.