Armenian Open Blockchain

60% is reached, this means we are ready to launch Armenian open blockchain platform. Which will be first of its kind aiming to support Armenia in countless ways, by implementing distributed ledger technology to allow any asset to be digitized, transferred and recorded on distributed ledgers that offer real security to the users and the organizations.

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Open BlockChain Platform

It is a digital decentralized database containing information (such as records of financial transactions) in a way that they can be tracked by any user forever for maximum transparency. All information can be simultaneously used and shared within a large, publicly accessible network.

Our platform will be a decentralized, fully autonomous and not controlled by anyone at all. It will have no central point of failure, as it will be run from thousands of volunteers’ computers around the globe, which means it can never go offline. Moreover, users’ personal information will stay on their own computers, while content, such as apps, videos, etc., will stay in full control of its creators without having to obey by the rules imposed by hosting services.

Our Platform also will run smart contracts. Which is one of the most interesting uses of blockchain.

A smart contract is similar to a contract in the physical word, but it’s digital and is represented by a tiny computer program stored inside a blockchain. More specifically, a smart contract is piece of software that stores rules for negotiating the terms of an agreement, automatically verifies fulfillment, and then executes the agreed terms. Since smart contracts removes reliance on a third party when establishing business relations, the parties making an agreement can transact directly with each other.

Decentralized Applications

Dapps are distributed and transparent applications that do not run entirely on one computer, instead they are distributed and controlled by everyone in the network.

Our platform will be an open-source blockchain platform that allows its users to build their own ‘decentralised’ apps, or Dapps, runs smart contracts or third-party interference. It also helps you design and issues your own cryptocurrency.

Now if you want to develop a blockchain-based application does not have to start from scratch. You can use our software, which provides the code for the decentralisation. You only have to write your own ‘smart contract code’, to describe what your application does.

The Advantages of Blockchain Technology


There’s a comprehensive record of data that’s open source and traceable. When data get recorded on it, they cannot be hidden from the public.


Not one single entity has control over all the processing. All users are equaland have equal rights.


Records are saved on numerous servers and computers around the world making it almost impossible to crack by the hackers.


Data is updated in real time and there’s no manual reconciliation. Also smart contracts can considerably reduce error reduction and increase speed.


It’s entirely possible to encrypt data on the blockchain, making it accessible only to people who have the encryption keys.

Armenia Open Coin

Besides helping to develop your country you also will get individual advantages.

In this stage we will make one more important step, we will launch Armenian first crypto coin, which you can use in various ways as they will have all functionality of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, litecoin and others.

And each Armenia Coin owner will get Armenia Open coin with this rule:

1 Armenia Coin = 10 Armenia Open Coin

You will get the opportunity to buy and sell Armenia Open Coins in different international platforms.

Launching Armenian open blockchain project will help to tackle problems we face it on daily basis such as

  • Coin
    Voting systems

    In order to have fair and transparent voting results, we are creating blockchain based voting system and giving you the opportunity to vote online which would be obviously more convenient for voters. Besides being convenient option, it will give everyone a chance to vote. Your voice records automatically and don’t give possibilities to change or remove it even for election officials or political individuals. Our system will work as the following; voter registration, Identity verification, and digital vote counting. We will create the most efficient way to achieve fair voting.

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    Providing efficient healthcare services is extensively dependent on technological advances, and particularly the ability to record and store information conveniently and share it securely. We will build a decentralized, blockchain-based platform which will securely store health records, keep all the data anonymously only people with the private key will be able to access the data. There are many reasons you might want to give someone (doctors, hospitals, laboratories, pharmacists) access to your medical data, you don’t need to go the hospital for your medical history and there aren’t risk to lose it anymore. Together we will increase the security, privacy, and interoperability of health data.

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    Improving Governance

    Our blockchain platform can change the way government works by making data using more efficient. With the blockchain system, we can improve the efficiency of the government apparatus. It will have a positive impact on many sectors of the economy. For example, by automated tracking all the financial records and work flows, there will be no chance to alter them which will ensure that no one can falsify their amount of taxes. As a result, we will have pleased government as no one can sustain tax-avoidance schemes and satisfied people as no one can require more money.

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    ICO and Crowdfunding

    Crowdfunding provides an excellent way for creative projects to find money funds. In Armenia crowdfundings are not transparent enough and there are no trust between the creators and supporters, as a result many innovative projects are not implemented. We are going to create blockchain based crowdfunding platform, that will track all the funds to make sure that projects don't waste the funds on unnecessary expenses.

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    Charity Projects

    Imagine a world where your every cent directed to charity saves lives. A world where a charity could be run with minimal overhead. Where are various charity funds, you just chose it, make transaction and see what path your donation took, from the moment it gives, to the moment it spend. You can see whose live you help to save, whose living conditions you help to improve or how you help your country to develop. Very soon we are going to make it come true. With Armenian open blockchain platform we will build a decentralized autonomous charity system.