Armenian Money Transfer System

When 40% will be achieved, we are going to release the best Armenian money transfer system ever. We promise to give you a new kind of payment processing service, which will be the fastest, cheapest and the most secure.

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Armenia Money Transfers

One of the most secure transfer system, which enable you to instantly send remittances to Armenia without opening bank account. The easiest and the most comfortable way to send funds to Armenia.

Armenians are spread around the world living and working in other countries. However, each of them has relatives or friends in Armenia and they regularly send them money, which is often the main source of their survival means.

When we think deeply about this issue and study the statistical data, it becomes clear that the money is transferred to the Republic of Armenia is increasing every year. All transfers mainly carried out by banks, this mean that considerable part of money also spends on banks. It is one of the main reasons that made us look for ways to create a more advanced, more convenient system for money transferring.


Our transfer system will be easy and simple in use both for the sender and recipient.

The Cheapest

Compared to international money transfers Armenian Money transfers will be the cheapest in this field.

The Most Secure

The most secure way to send money to business partners, relatives and friends located in Armenia.

The Fastest

Unlike traditional money transfer methods Armenia Coin Money Transfer service saves time.


With Armenia Money Transfers sending money to your relatives, friends and partners in Armenia will be as easy as sending an email. Instant transfers with no fees and additional taxes.


With our service, you’ll be able to receive money with anyone from anywhere. The transfer will be done within minutes without, risk, price volatility and intermediaries.

Armenian Money transfer system enable you to instantly send and receive remittances worldwide without opening bank account. It will be convenient to use not only for your personal use but also in business. Revenues from this service will be directed to the development of other Armenia Coin projects.

Main Steps

Step 1:

Login to our system


Step 2:

Enter data


Step 3:

Transfer money using a credit card


Step 4:

The recipient located in Armenia will receive the money


How It Works

With our system you can transfer money to anyone located in Armenia. Transfers will be available in several currencies: US dollars (USD), euro (EUR) and RUB Russian rubles (RUB). During the time, we will develop our system and add another fiat and crypto currencies.

The process of transferring will last a few seconds and it will not have minimum transfer amount. It will save users’ time and money. Fast, cheap, easy in use both for the sender and recipient- these are main traits we follow in our Armenia Money Transfer Project.