Frequently Asked Questions

It is a new kind of ICO project based on the Ethereum blockchain platform, where you can buy tokens named Armenia Coin. The total number of Armenia Coins is 1 million. When you buy Armenia Coin you are investing in Armenia Coin projects and after launching these projects you will earn dividends from them.
Armenia Coin projects aim to payback on investments for Armenia Coin buyers and improve economic and social situation in Armenia.
Armenia coin is the first armenian token. Never had that before.
It depends on community investments, when 50K tokens will be bought we would launch our first project.
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After launching Armenia Coin project you will receive passive income from them, the more you will invest the more you will get. Besides, you will do your own contribution in improving economic and social situation in Armenia.
You will have right to choose how to get your income. There will be the different payment methods like PayPal or Skrill. Besides, you will be able keep your money in your Crypto Wallet.
You must go to DASHBOARD page, find Gift section, select Make a Gift button and enter recipient information, that’s all.
You will start getting passive income from Armenia Coin Projects. You will recover your investments in a short period of time.
Crypto wallet is a digital wallet that stores your private and public cryptographic keys,enabling you to send and receive coins through the blockchain, as well as monitoring your balance. Private keys are like your PIN number to access your bank account, while public keys are similar to your bank account number. If you want to use cryptocurrency, you will need to have a digital wallet.
Cryptocurrency Exchanges are online platforms where you can exchange one cryptocurrency for another cryptocurrency or for fiat currency like the traditional stock exchanges where buyers and sellers trade based on the current market price of cryptocurrencies.
It will be one of the most secure transfer system, which enable you to instantly send remittances to Armenia without opening bank account. The easiest and the most comfortable way to send funds to Armenia.
It is a free application used for instant messaging with different features like sharing photos, audios or videos. Armenian Messenger will be one of the most secure messaging app, which will allow you to safely communicate with your friends, relatives, business partners and so on.
Ride Sharing is a convenient alternative to taxi and public transportation. It is the sharing of car trips so that more than one person can travel in a car. It is a good option for reducing vehicle costs, traffic congestion and automobile emissions.
It is a first Armenian crypto coin which can be used internationally (like Bitcoin, Ether). You will be able to use it not only in our platform, but also on all blockchain platforms. Wherever you are in the world you can use your coins to send and receive money.
It is a digital decentralized database containing information (such as records of financial transactions) in a way that they can be tracked by any user without time limitation for maximum transparency. All information can be simultaneously used and shared within a large, publicly accessible network.