Armenians have a huge number of assets, including large Armenian diaspora, strong scientific base and traditional national values that emphasize education. Nevertheless Armenians have a lot of barriers on the way to becoming an innovatively developed center that will attract more and more investment for rapid economic growth that will improve the people’s live in Armenia. That’s why one of our projects' main goals is to change the state of the country.

Armenians a Nation of Innovators

Armenians are an ancient nation whose descendants have made quite an impact on the human history. Their genius inventions give to the world machines, gadgets and other devices that we still use today.

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The potential of future generations

Through the history Armenians had found solutions to many of their problems using their creativity & innovative mindset. Starting from military strategies & equipment to finding new food sources to decrease hunger during difficult times.

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Armenia as the Silicon Valley of the Soviet Union

During the Soviet Union Armenia was the innovation center for the USSR. Recently Armenia started to get back on its feet creating new technologies and services. Armenia's tech sector has been growing by 20% every year, exceeding the economical growth.

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