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How It Works

The total number of Armenia coins is 1 million. To register you just need to buy one Armenia Coin and during the presale by buying Armenia Coin you will receive additional Coin. After buying, you automatically become a member of our community and get access to dashboard, where you see your wallet with coins in it. 60% of income from Crypto Wallet and Exchange Platform projects will be distributed among the Armenia Coin holders, according their share of investment, and remain 40% will be directed to the development of the projects. Even in case of Soft Cap will not be passed all your investments will be refunded! It is an excellent opportunity that will bring you passive income from projects and also you will have assets which have liquidity and are worth money.


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The Development Process

Our team consists of high performing and experienced professionals who specialize in blockchain technology. Our best advantage is an ability to combine speed and quality in work.

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Creating Armenian Cryptocommunity

By buying Armenia Coin you make contribution in our projects and become the part of our cryptocommunity. With our future projects like Crypto Wallet and Exchange Platform you will earn dividends as a return to your contribution. The more Armenia Coin you will have the more monthly profit you will get from projects. Armenia Coin will break down the border barriers and unite armenians all over the world.

The First Armenian Blockchain Platform

Armenia Coin has an aim to launch first Armenian Blockchain Platform, that will bring in transparency and accountability in many fields of economy. It will have positive impact on such field like agriculture, healthcare, government and other public sectors. With your contribution we will make Armenia a better place by bringing blockchain capabilities.

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Blockchain Capabilities

Blockchain technology has the potential to completely change the way we store information and facilitate transactions. We have a number of blockchain-based pilot projects that will be profitable for Armenia Coin holders.

Uniting Armenians Through Blockchain

With blockchain we will make our communities closer culturally and technologically. It will give an opportunity to organise discussions, forums and interesting projects to gather armenians with the same interests.

Restoring Trust

With Armenia Coin we can bring in transparency and accountability in many fields such as government, healthcare and many others. Blockchain tech can permit new approaches to coordination and collaboration between businesses and organisations.

Dividends For Our Investors

Armenia Coin holders will have double benefits. In their wallets they will be able to keep Armenia Coins, besides, Armenia Coins they will get dividends from the other wallet holders and from the profits of the exchange platform.

Crypto Assets

Buying Armenia Coin will be the most convenient and profitable way to make investments and gain crypto assets. There is no more need to have deep knowledge about crypto world to earn money.

Cryptographically Secure

With Armenia Coin based on blockchain you can be sure that all information will be protected. The public blockchain further guarantees that records are unalterable and tamper-proof.

Our planned Roadmap

Regardless of our Road Map progress we have already started developing our projects, but with investments in Armenia Coin we will speed up our development processes and achieve our goal in short period of time.

  • 5%

    International Crypto Wallet

    Soft cap is achieved it means we started implementing our projects. Our first step will be launching web and app based International Crypto Wallet, that will be one of the most secure and convenient crypto wallet that you ever used. One of the best advantage of this crypto wallet is that Armenia Coin holders can use it for free without transaction fees. Our members after launching this project will begin to receive passive income.

    Soft Cap is Passed
  • 10%

    Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency

    New attractive feature will be added to our International Crypto Wallet. Easily buy and sell digital currency (like bitcoin, ether, and others) for fiat money directly from your wallet account. Our Armenia Coin cryptocommunity members will get more passive income after adding this feature to the International Crypto Wallet.

  • 15%

    International Crypto Exchange

    The most reliable platform that will provide professional, secure, fast and comprehensive crypto-to-crypto exchange experiences. Armenia Coin Crypto Exchange will have an advanced multi-layer and multi-cluster system architecture to ensure the security, stability, and scalability of the system. Armenia Coin holders will get profit from this project too.

  • 25%

    Fiat Money Deposit and Withdrawal Systems

    Fiat-to-Crypto platform will be added to our International Exchange Platform, where you can buy cryptocurrencies with fiat money and withdraw your money directly from the platform. Armenia Coin Crypto Exchange also will have Android and iOS mobile apps, designed from the ground up to provide you with the most secure, powerful and multifunctional platform.

  • 40%

    Armenia Money Transfer System

    The fastest and cheapest money transfer system that you have ever used. Armenia Money Transfer System will provide the most secure way to send money to Armenia. We are changing the comprehension of money transfer system by making it accessible and convenient for everyone. You will be able to send money with just a few taps.

  • 60%

    Armenian Messenger

    Armenian Messenger will be launched for our cryptocommunity members and 100 of their friends. It will be one of the most secure messenger. All messages will be encrypted that allow you to safely communicate with friends and don't worry that your conversations could be read by third parties. With this instant messaging system you can always be in touch with your friends, relatives and business-partners wherever they are.

  • 70%

    Armenian Open Blockchain

    In this stage would be launched Armenia Open Blockchain Platform. It will be based on Ethereum blockchain and will have a lot of advantages, the main of which: security, privacy, transparency, decentralization and efficiency. Our platform will allows its users to build their own ‘decentralised’ apps, run smart contracts or third-party interference. It also helps our members to design and issue their own cryptocurrency.

  • 75%

    Armenia Open Coin

    It’s time to launch first armenian cryptocurrency that will have all features that are typical to cryptocurrencies. All cryptocommunity members will get 10 open coins for each Armenia Coin. Armenia Open Coin will be listed in many crypto exchange platforms and everyone will have opportunity to buy and sell it and get profit.

  • 80%

    Open Blockchain Benefits

    The platform will bring efficiency and transparency in various industries, such as healthcare, government, education and many others and helps to fight against corruption. With Armenia Open Blockchain Armenian startups will be able to more easily find fundings, since the first ICOs will work on our blockchain platform․

  • 85%

    Ride Sharing

    We will launch new carpooling platform that will group people travelling on the same routes. There’s no need to wait for a taxi or bus just connect with someone nearby who’s going your way, someone who wants to share the ride. With Armenian Ride Sharing service you can save your time and money and help to reduce air pollution.

  • 90%

    Hard Cap is Passed

    Most innovative platforms and all promised products run and day after day they increase cryptocommunity members' income, but what is the most important all the products makes Armenia stronger as a country and Armenians as a nation.

  • 100%

    Armenia Coin Selling is Ended

    Armenia Coin sale ends and this means that all Armenia Coins is sold, so no one can join us anymore. But for our team members it isn't the end. They will continue enjoying the result of the investment. Their profit will increase by the time and our country will be changed in a better way.

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